Quiet moments in sports

Sports is often a lot of action, but there are quiet, reflective moments that draws my interests in different events.  Two cases in point.  The stare of the volleyballers at the net while they await the serve from their opponent or the quiet beauty of a golfer waiting for another player to putt.

An homage to Spring, beautiful women and…

We could offer a lot of rationales for putting this short clip together.

We could use the shots of young ladies clad in not so much as a way to promote warm weather and the hope for sun and fun.

Too damn hot

Yeah, it’s hot out there. Too damn hot. Temperatures flirting with 100, humidity to match along with a skin-frying sun. Chalk up 2010 as the year of extremes in Southwestern Virginia. The winter that dumped layers of snow on the region along with temperatures that prevented any serious melting; a month of booming thunderstorms and […]