Looking for evil among us

This post appeared on  Facebook just before the Fourth of July, the day we are supposed to celebrate the birthday of our nation and honor a country found on, among other things, freedom of religion. “I faced Evil today. In the entrance of Walmart, here in Christiansburg, Va. I sensed a strong evil presence. I […]

Why bigotry is such a hot button for me

For much of long and adventurous life, my chosen profession as a newspaper reporter and photographer has been an incredible way to make a living. The sad existence of bigotry and racism are defining reasons. As a youngster going to school in racially-divided Farmville, Virginia, I turned to words and photos to expose what I […]

Fear, anger, hate & pessimism: America?

We head into the 2016 Presidential election year with more anger, more pessimism and more outright hate than I have seen in more than a half-century of covering politics as a reporter or working inside the system as an operative. “This year’s Republican presidential campaign is where hope and optimism go to die. Don’t pretend […]

The sideshows that never end

It is hard to think about or seriously discuss real issues of the day because of the sideshow that our political and government system has become. The news media, and yes I’m part of that media “establishment,” appears mesmerized by a political oddity named Donald Trump, the eccentric real estate billionaire, former reality show host […]

Bigotry against Muslims: National shame

Walked away from a infuriating series of Facebook posts Tuesday because of the bigotry, hate and stupidity aimed at the President of the United States. While I am not a fan of Barack Obama and feel that he disappointed a lot of people who voted for him, the open disrespect and outright lies posted about […]