Yes, 69 is divine

Sixty-nine years ago this morning a doctor in a hospital in Tampa, Florida helped deliver a son to Ethel and Tommy Thompson. According to my mother, the doctor told her afterwards that I did not cry when he delivered the customary slap on my butt to wake me up. “You just sort of snorted,” she […]

Sixty eight

Not that many years ago, I never expected to reach age 30, much less 68. My dad died in an industrial accident at 29.  His four brothers died in their 20s. My mother, for a while, believed the family was jinxed because of the deaths of my dad and uncles.  I lived under a motto […]

Grim Reaper still disappointed

In my 20s I fully expected to be dead by age 30. My dad died in an industrial accident at 29.  All of his brothers died in their 20s.  Young death appeared to be a given for males in the Thompson family in Florida in the 40s and 50s. I broke the jinx on December […]