Rain, Wind Today & Sun by Wednesday

Yep, that was thunder overhead between 5 and 6 a.m. Monday. ¬†Thunderstorms in January. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) says we just came off the warmest year (at least the warmest since they started tracking these sorts of things). Some could say the hot air emanating from Washington could be responsible for global […]

Burks Fork Supervisor forum – Part I

Coverage of a candidate’s forum for two of the three candidates running for the Burks Fork District on the Floyd County, Virginia Board of Supervisors.

Oops! My bad for missing a candidate

In our roundup of contested races for Floyd County, I omitted Michael Schumann’s name from the list of three candidates for Burks Fork Supervisor.

No slight intended. I mentioned a third candidate for the post but stupidly failed to list Schumann’s name.

Get mad. Then run for office

Politics, even locally, is often driven by anger, and people who are mad at the way things are are driving a surge of entries into races this year for Floyd County elections. Kerry Underwood, co-owner of Oddfellas Cantina and distiller of legal moonshine whiskey, got mad over things like an appointment to the Floyd County […]

A bold, needed step by Floyd County Supervisors

Floyd County Supervisors are proposing to raise real estate taxes by five cents — setting a rate of 55 cents per $100 in assessed property tax values. For a $200,000 assessed home, that would means about $100 a year more in taxes — $8.33 a month.¬† The tax hike helps pay for an additional $1.2 […]