Several seek county offices

As local elections take center stage in Floyd County and throughout the Old Dominion in 2015, voters here will have a variety of choices for races where incumbents are retiring or have moved on to other positions.

County schools — new faces, old problems

With increasing turnover now part of the Floyd County High School teaching staff, the students and veteran faculty start a new year Tuesday with 22 new faces in front of students.

The Floyd Free Press?

The Roanoke Times got around to the Pizza Inn sales tax story Friday but made an interesting error in telling it. According to The Times, the story emerged in “The Floyd Free Press.” The Floyd Free what?  Sounds like one of those alternative weeklies that one finds in big cities.  OK, we also have the […]

Clinger’s restaurant overcharged customers

A story of mine posted Wednesday morning on The Floyd Press web site — and scheduled to appear in Thursday’s paper — details how the Pizza Inn restaurant owned by Board of Supervisor Chairman Case Clinger routinely and incorrectly overcharged customers for at least a year with sales taxes almost double the legal amount. This […]

‘Disgust’ and ‘disappointment’

Most Floyd County Supervisors claim they hear lots of support from constituents over their hardline stand against increasing funding of the school system and determination to hold the line on taxes to pay for increases. But the majority of speakers that come before both the Supervisors and the county school board say otherwise. Twelve of […]