Did Bob McDonnell get off easy?

Lots of debate about the two-year prison sentence handed down by a federal judge to former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell Tuesday afternoon. Prosecutors wanted at least six years behind bars.  Defense attorneys wanted no jail time, just community service, if anything.  The case goes to a federal appeals court for review. Judge James Spencer said […]

McDonnell, wife, convicted

A jury of seven men and five women Thursday afternoon convicted former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his former pro football cheerleader wife Maureen of multiple counts of corruption in office. McDonnell, who tired to blame the entire affair on his wife, is the first governor in Virginia history to be convicted of a felony. He […]

Bob McDonnell’s incredible tales

When discussion gets around to the incredible tales told by former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell in his corruption trial in Richmond, most observers say he is either canny or stupid. Few, if any, say he is innocent.  The general conclusion is that the governor who is throwing his wife under the bus to try and […]

Bob McDonnell’s ‘do-nothing’ record

Former, scandal-scarred Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell went on the witness stand for his defense Wednesday and said he really didn’t do “all that much” to help Star Scientific, the company where the CEO lavished he and his wife with more than $170,000 in gifts, cash and loans. McDonnell might actually be telling the truth in […]

McDonnell’s defense starts

As the defense tries to find a way to absolve former scandal-ridden governor Bob McDonnell of exchanging favors for loans, cash and gifts from a high-rolling dietary supplement wheeler-deeler, a federal agent documents shows the governor and his wife pulled down more than $177,000 in largese from the scheme. Jonnie R. Williams Sr. provided some […]