Public hearing on county budget

Floyd County residents have a chance to comment Tuesday night on the fiscal 2018 budget of $37.6 million needed to run government operations — including $22.974 million to operate public schools. The board of supervisors’ public hearing on the budget, which is an increase of $3.6 million over the current fiscal year, goes before a […]

Budget clock ticking for McAuliffe

  The newly-enacted state budget, put into place after the surprise resignation of a Southwestern Virginia state senator turned control of the Senate over to Republicans, arrived at the governor’s office Monday, starting the seven-day clock for the Terry McAuliffe to either sign the bill, veto part of it or reject the entire thing. Democrat […]

The rush for a new state budget

Delegate Nick Rush came before the Floyd County Board of Supervisors this week expecting to talk about the budget impasse in Richmond and the possibility of a government shutdown. But the resignation of a Democratic Senator from Southwestern Virginia over the weekend shifted the balance of power over to Republicans and he told the board […]

‘Disgust’ and ‘disappointment’

Most Floyd County Supervisors claim they hear lots of support from constituents over their hardline stand against increasing funding of the school system and determination to hold the line on taxes to pay for increases. But the majority of speakers that come before both the Supervisors and the county school board say otherwise. Twelve of […]

A tough budget year gets tougher

Floyd County is not alone in facing cutbacks in its public schools. Franklin County Monday reduced its request for a $4.3 million increase from the county to $3.5 million after supervisors rejected much of a list of 18 priorities. Unlike Floyd County, Franklin supervisors are raising real estate taxes but only by half the amount […]