State and local budget chaos

The 2014 budget process is going down to the wire this year with Floyd County Supervisors meeting at noon next Tuesday to review final budget figures, approve a final budget total along with the tax rate for the new fiscal year that begins on that day. The school board is set to approve its final […]

A public battle with no winners

A word used often in the ongoing public debate over the budget crisis facing Floyd County is “unreasonable.” Those who support the school board’s push to obtain up to $2.2 million in funds for the coming fiscal year say the board of supervisors is “unreasonable” to expect the education system to exist on funds that […]

Painful budget decisions

Lots of attention this week to the annual, and often painful, budget process for Floyd County with the usual tug-of-war over what is considered most important and of the highest priority for approval by local government.

Supervisors vs. schools

Floyd County heads into a potentially tense and defining week as a seemingly-unavoidable annual confrontation between the School Board and Supervisors escalates over a budget