Road therapy

Climbed back on a motorcycle for the first time in five months — the first time since my left leg collapsed when I stopped at the intersection of Oxford and Locust Street and left the bike on its side and me lying in the street. After five months of back procedures, therapy and strengthening exercises, […]

Helping hands

Anyone who knows me is well aware I that I am not what one calls a “people person.” A former girlfriend once told me that I could “be alone in a crowded room.” So I’m more than overwhelmed by the response by people who have offered help, expressed sympathy and stepped up to assist during […]

Thar she blows…

Yep. That’s wind you hear howling outside the door this morning. High wind warnings from the National Weather Service include: The wind warning covers Alleghany; Bath; Bland; Botetourt; Carroll; City of Buena Vista; City of Covington; City of Galax; City of Lexington; City of Radford; City of Roanoke; City of Salem; Clifton Forge; Craig; Floyd; […]

Leftover issues of a summer of distraction and dismay

Tried to change the filter in our whole-house water system Sunday evening. The filter container stuck and it took considerable effort to break it free. When screwed the container back into place and turned the water back on, water spewed all over the place. Freeing the stuck container damaged the seal and no amount of […]

A tale of two communities along the New River Trail

[slide] Fries bills itself as the town at the start of the New River Trail but the Commonwealth of Virginia’s web site for Virginia State Parks considers 5.5 mile stretch that runs from Fries a “branch” of the main trail that it says runs 51.5 miles from Galax to Pulaski. Maybe that’s one of the […]