Up against the wall

Spent much of the weekend flat on my back after hitting the wall with a fever, sore throat and weakness. The docs call it exhaustion. Given the events of the past two months, I’m not surprised.  Ever since my mother fell at her home in early May, I’ve been running at full throttle, shuttling from […]

Season of the storm

It’s a familiar pattern: Hot, humid temperatures that spawn afternoon thunderstorms. Another round predicted today and again on Wednesday and then a lull for a few days. We have fallen into a pattern of weather extremes. The same pattern marked last Spring after several years of dry conditions. Then came the winter of extremes: Unrelenting, […]

Suited to the occasion

Want to get a lot of stares and draw more than a few comments in Floyd? Wear a suit. I showed up in a suit and tie for breakfast with friends at Blue Ridge Restaurant Monday morning and the commentary on my unusual appearance ran nonstop for more than an hour. “Job interview?” Nah. “Funeral?” […]

Are we trying too hard to save Floyd?

The debate this week over fees proposed for out-of-town musicians and regional or national acts at the upcoming Floyd Town Jubilee highlights how money is becoming such a dominating consideration and might threaten some of the things that have made the music scene in Floyd so unique. Money, and fights over it, has a nasty […]

Floyd's ever-changing face

Paper covers the windows of the corner location of the Winter Sun as work continues on converting the former home of Cafe del Sol into the new home of Dogtown Pizza. Just up Locust Street, Tom Ryan readies his Republic of Floyd Emporium for its grand opening on March 31 while Natasha’s Market Cafe heads […]