Losing another close family friend

One of our three cats was lying on the carpet in our den this morning and stretched, squeaked and purred as I petted her. Puffer couldn’t meow because she was born with damaged vocal cords, along with her sister, Coco, who were feral kittens that Amy cared for in 2007 until we decided to add […]

Goodbye to a loved, family friend

Buried our oldest cat Saturday afternoon by a stream not far from our house. He spent 126 cat years with us after Amy discovered him screaming as a tiny kitten by a creek in Belleville, Illinois, when she was taking care of her mother and I was still gallivanting around the country as a photojournalist. […]

Requiem for a beloved cat

Trouble came to us via a co-worker at The Eddie Mahe Company in Washington in 1995. She found the kitten shivering in the rain in a DC alley. He had survived among the other creatures of the night. The black-and-white kitten didn’t meow and make much of any sound. We never knew if the silence […]