Talking on your cell phone while driving can bring a ticket and fine

Has your cell phone rang in your car since the start of 2021? If so, did you pick it up and answer it? Congratulations you broke the law for doing so. On Jan. 1, drivers cannot hold a cell phone while driving. It is a primary fine, which means a police officer does not need […]

Memo to ET: Don’t phone home

Friends and associates often ask why I often don’t answer my wireless phone. I have several rules about answering my iPhone when somebody calls. Normally, I don’t answer: If I’m eating at a public restaurant with someone; If I’m driving; If I’m on my motorcycle; If I’m covering a public meeting for a newspaper (like […]

Stop texting! Try talking to someone

A young woman texting on her smartphone while pushing a grocery cart in the aisle of Floyd’s Food Lion t-boned my cart the other day. She didn’t stop, say “sorry” or even acknowledge her actions.  Too busy texting with someone. Not surprising.  A study by says many young people seldom have their smartphones out […]

When the past comes back to haunt

Face it. A lot of us did it as teenagers back in the days when Polaroids were the quick way to get a photo that you couldn’t get developed by Kodak and sent back to the local drug store. You know the ones I’m talking about: a girlfriend flashing a little bit more skin than […]