Time for a change?

This web site has taken many forms over the years.¬† It was a business site that defined my free- lance activities in Washington, DC, over a 23 year period.¬† It was a blog for a while and even a news site but I have a hyperlocal site (Blue Ridge Muse) and a national political site […]

Change and the Floyd County way

A lot of anger over change circulates among us nowadays.  We saw much of it on social media recently over a new Dollar General store near Check at the intersection of U.S. 221 and Daniels Run and the purchase of Floyd Pharmacy by CVS.  Lots of predictions of doom and gloom. Some of the predicted […]

The more things change…

Returning to Floyd County in 2004 after 39 years brought some realizations that while change is inevitable in a community, much of the area was little different from what I left in 1965. I began my high school years at the opening of Floyd County High School in 1961, the countywide secondary school that combined […]

At least the coffee is still good

As I watched my first pot of coffee drop into the pot from our trusty (and now considered ancient) Bunn coffee maker at 0530 this morning, I started thinking¬† back about 50 years — a half century ago — to a time when a young man who just turned 19 sat in an old Victorian […]