Dreaming of a rainy Christmas?

In you’re holding out for White Christmas in our little part of America and the world, give up.  Christmas Day is forecast to have highs in the 40s in Floyd County and perhaps even higher in lower elevations. We have a wet Christmas Eve but the rain is expected to ease off around 3 p.m. […]

Merry Christmas on the open road

If I am fortunate this weekend, the rain will let up by Sunday and with temperatures slated for the 70s, I will be enjoying Christmas on one of my Harleys. I get asked more and more if I should still be riding at age 68.  Why not?  I have a riding friend down on the […]

Christmas in our small town

A video Christmas card from Amy and I and Blue Ridge Muse. This was shot in 2013 and still stands, I hope, as a look at Christmas in our small town.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas? That depends…

Hard to feel in a Christmas spirit this morning. I don’t mean the commercial glut.  We don’t embrace that monstrosity at our home.  I mean the time to recognize a birth that changed the world. Not much of that Christmas spirit around.  If it is there, it is obscured by hate, bigotry and racism. Washington […]

Hello girls: What are you thinking?

Question for the two Floyd County High School volleyballers at the final game of the season this year:  Were they psyching out  the opposition?  Feeling like they were in jail behind the net? Posing for the camera? Hard to tell.  This is a favorite shot from that game. Volleyball is a athletic sport that is […]