We’re having a heat wave…

Can Spring Fever start in January?

With this fluctuation of temperatures and forecasts, it could.

The Roanoke/Blacksburg National Weather Service forecast for Wednesday says sun and a high of 64 degrees for Floyd. Roanoke expects 67.

Here we go again

Can’t speak for everyone else out there but the general reaction around here when a new weather forecast erupts is: “Now what?” Now the National Weather Service and the doomsday weather forecasters are claiming another “winter storm” is on its way to the area and will arrive early Monday with sleet, freezing rain and, yes, […]

Deja vu all over again

In a pattern that seems an endless repeat of last Spring’s drenching drama, we’ve fallen into a familiar routine: Hot days spawn daily cycles of thunderstorms with drenching downpours. And my driveway washes out and disappears somewhere into Franklin County. Another Spring ritual: Enduring some right-wing fruitcake with their head jammed up Sarah Palin’s ass […]