When pain is your life partner

The offers of condolences and sympathy for my current — and so far, losing — battle with severe back pain are appreciated. So are the suggestions of cure. Even the gentle and not-so-gentle lectures for (1) trying to drive while in pain and taking medication or (2) not seeking help are welcome. But the tone […]

Allergic to Spring

For three months of the winter that seemingly would not end we waited for the dawn of Spring. Now I’m waiting for a chance to enjoy it. At age 62, I’ve apparently developed hay fever and related allergies. Spring has become my enemy. It began Thursday as I rode my Harley along a country road. […]

Down for the count

Beautiful weekend out there. At least that’s what others said. Spent most of this weekend in bed, brought down by what first appeared to be allergies and may have morphed into full-fledged flu. Flu? In March? Yep. Had a shot for the swine strain but never got around to the other. On Thursday, sinuses filled […]