Afflicting the comfortable…it's never personal

At least once a week (more often lately) someone comes up to me at breakfast or at a public gathering and asks: “Why do you hate (insert name here)?” When I respond that I don’t hate whomever they are referring to, the followup question is usually “then why did you write all those nasty things […]

Why is Floyd town government raising taxes?

According to most reports, the government of the Town of Floyd is flush with cash. While the county government struggles with a tight budget that has that entity living, basically, from paycheck to paycheck, the town has a budget surplus. When organizations ask for money, the town has been known to give them more than […]

Trials and tribulations of small town journalism

As a newspaperman who covers the courts and government for the local paper in a small town and rural county, the odds are strong that I will write about people I know. Sometimes I even have to write about myself. I’ve had to write about people I know when they are charged with a crime, […]

Sound off on county budget and taxes Wednesday night

Have an opinion on the new county budget and tax rates? You can give the Floyd County Board of Supervisors a piece of your mind Wednesday at 7 p.m. at a public hearing at the County Administration Building on Oxford Street. County Administrator Dan Campbell will outline the budget for the next fiscal year (which […]

Taxing questions for taxing times

While counties and cities throughout Southwestern Virginia raise taxes on both real estate and personal property, Floyd County Supervisors appear determined to hold the line. Which creates problem for the cash-strapped county but could be a relief for equally cash-strapped county residents who have trouble making ends meet. But this may be the last year […]