The more things change…

Returning to Floyd County in 2004 after 39 years brought some realizations that while change is inevitable in a community, much of the area was little different from what I left in 1965. I began my high school years at the opening of Floyd County High School in 1961, the countywide secondary school that combined […]

Violence & murder from Virginia Tech?

Too much bad news locally as the first month of 2016 winds down. A day after the missing teenager from Blacksburg was found dead just over the North Carolina line in Surry County, two Virginia Tech students are in jail — an 18-year-old freshman and a 19-year-old sophomore, both from Maryland. Violent crime seems to […]

Why I do what I do

Threats, criticisms and personal attacks go with the territory when you cover news.  When a shooter killed John Lennon many years ago, I wrote about the public outcry over his murder and wondered in print if it was way too much fretting over the death of a former pop idol. That brought an anonymous threat […]

Crime time in Floyd

Indictments handed down this month from the Floyd County grand jury included 29 counts of child pornography against a 20-year-old Indian Valley man. Police arrested Randy Lee Phillips, a 2012 graduate of Floyd County High School, on September 4.  A Virginia State Police investigator traced an offering of child pornography over the Internet back to […]

A local tradition of sexual assault of minors

The guilty pleas and prison sentences of a prominent father and his adult son on charges of child pornography has kept tongues wagging at Blue Ridge Restaurant and other gathering places in Floyd this week. But sexual crimes against underage girls and boys was a problem around here long before Sheriff Shannon Zeman led 61-year-old […]