Music and sun on a Floyd Friday night

Tropical storm Cindy’s threatened visit to our area turned into more worry than actuality and sun and beautiful weather greeted Floyd’s Friday night musical offerings for those who ignored the weather forecast that originally threatened rain and storms.

Fun on the dance floor

Still captures of video shot at the Friday Night Jamboree this past week show a lot of enthusiasm and, perhaps, some love as well. On Friday nights, the music is good and so is the dancing but often the crowd is the show.  

Dancing the night away at the Jamboree

Music and dancing at The Friday Night Jamboree at the Floyd Country Store.

Spring is here and, soon, music will be on the streets too on Friday nights.

Friday Night at you-know-where

Friday night at the Jamboree, shooting more footage of the signature tunes that define the area.

Also a Friday night to try out a new GoPro Hero 4 action camera, the latest version of the small model that is used so much by surfers, skiers and others. It took a while to get a working model. This was unit number three, which arrived via FedEx from the company Friday afternoon after two earlier cameras failed.

More Friday Night music & dancing

Caught The Friday Night Old Time Band along with Jason Harris & Friends at the Jamboree after shooting part of the Floyd County – William Fleming basketball game.