McAuliffe: Major disappointment to Dems?

Ask a Virginia Democrat for a public comment about Governor Terry McAuliffe and you get the standard political rhetoric about what “a great job he is doing,” Talk to them privately and a different picture emerges. ┬áThe celebration over McAuliffe’s victory last November is over and an increasing number of Democrats admit, off the record, […]

Status quo rules in Floyd County elections

In the end, an election that some felt would restructure Floyd County’s school board and redefine county government turned into an endorsement of the status quo. Every incumbent on the general election ballot Tuesday won, including three sitting members of the school board and county sheriff Shannon Zeman, who trounced challenger Laura Sparks — a […]

Election Day Tuesday, if anyone cares

Election Day Tuesday. Time to make up our minds on just who we will vote for — or against — when we make selections on those touch screens. Not much choice when it comes to the Floyd County Board of Supervisors. The only contested race — between longtime Locust Grove supervisor David Ingram and challenger […]

‘You’re not a true conservative’

Bob Bonsignore, a member of Floyd’s tea party, got in my face after a board of supervisors meeting earlier this year to inform me that I was “not a true conservative.” Never got around to thanking him for that. Yes, Bob, you’re right: Not a conservative. Gotta another news flash for ya: Not a liberal […]

George Allen:racist enough for the tea party but too moderate otherwise

George Allen, the former Virginia Senator of macaca fame and a heavily racist past, wants back in the Senate. And he extremists and tea partiers who now the see the Republican Party as their personal playground after the 2010 mid-term election victories, want a Republican back in the Senate. There’s just one problem: The Republican […]