Labor Day, election signs & election

It’s Labor Day, a supposed holiday, except for those who work in retail in one of the busiest days of the year. It’s Labor Day, the day when those who work in many jobs and professions must be on the job to make sure others can have the day off. And it’s Labor Day, the […]

Floyd County elections are elephant stampedes

In most cases, a primary election is just the first step of the process towards election. In Floyd County, winning a GOP primary often means winning everything. Republicans dominate elected office here.  Every member of the county’s board of supervisors is a member of the party of the elephant.  So is every county official.  The […]

Partisans: Domestic terrorists?

America’s Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare to those who believe the often-misused and outright falsehoods spread by opponents, is in its renewal season and is also available for first timers. No big deal at our house.  Amy started use of the ACA when on January 1 of this year and will keep it […]