Helping hands

Anyone who knows me is well aware I that I am not what one calls a “people person.” A former girlfriend once told me that I could “be alone in a crowded room.” So I’m more than overwhelmed by the response by people who have offered help, expressed sympathy and stepped up to assist during […]

The driveway

Regular Muse readers probably know more than they want about the driveway at Chateau Thompson. We’ve chronicled our struggles over the years with the steep, 450-foot long driveway that rises above Sandy Flats Road. It’s challenging enough with a car and even more so on a motorcycle. This short video is what I face each […]

One small step for man, one giant victory against Mother Nature

For the first time in more than two weeks, both of our cars are at the bottom of our driveway. No small achievement. Amy’s Jeep Liberty made its first foray onto public roads Monday after two weeks mired in snow, ice and drifts at the top of our driveway, which rises 500 feet from the […]