Tuesday’s primary shows too much anger

In statewide results from Tuesday’s Republican primary for governor, the extremism that has consumed the GOP threw a scare into the party of the elephant as self-declared “Trump mini-me” Corey Stewart took his campaign of hate to within a percentage point of victory over Ed Gillespie in his campaign to destroy what little sanity is […]

Floyd County’s GOP going after one of its own

Some of Floyd County’s Republicans are pissed at Sheriff Shannon Zeman for a video endorsement of Democratic incumbent Senator Mark Warner against GOP challenger Ed Gillespie. They want to recruit Christiansburg Police Lt. Doug Weddle, who lives in Floyd County, to run against Zeman in the GOP primary. Writes Floyd Republican Committee secretary Cline Hall […]

Ed Gillespie concedes defeat in Senate race

Virginia Republican Senate challenger Ed Gillespie conceded defeat to Democratic incumbent Mark Warner Friday after the latest vote totals showed a margin of more than 16,000 votes. The vote margin put Warner’s victory close to the one percent mark and while that would have allowed Gillespie the right to request a recount, any margin of […]

GOP Sheriff Zeman supports Mark Warner

Floyd County Sheriff Shannon Zeman, a Republican, is featured on a new campaign ad supporting Democrat Mark Warner’s re-election effort, saying the Republican, Ed Gillespie, is not a worthy opponent. “Mark Warner is working to solve problems,” Zeman says in his appearance in the ad.  “Ed Gillespie and his attacks are the problem.” Zeman is […]

Mark Warner: Governor then, Senator now

Mark Warner was still governor of Virginia when he came to Floyd in 2005 to hold a town meeting at The Floyd Country Store. The three county supervisors on the front row in the photo — Jerry Boothe, Kerry Whitlock and David Ingram — no longer serve on the board.  Boothe quit on his own.  […]