Summer finally arrives

Welcome to the Solstice, the longest day of the year and the “official” beginning of the summer season. In a culture dominated by calendar designations controlled by sales and promotions, most feel like summer has been upon us for a while. ¬†Memorial Day is often considered the “start of summer.” ¬†Whenever schools let out for […]

Time to give up on politics?

Politics have, unfortunately, been part of my life for too long. I covered elections as a newspaperman, starting with local ones while working for The Floyd Press as a high school student, then state and national ones as a reporter for The Roanoke Times in the last 60s. Coverage of elections and actions by governmental […]

Why bigotry is such a hot button for me

For much of long and adventurous life, my chosen profession as a newspaper reporter and photographer has been an incredible way to make a living. The sad existence of bigotry and racism are defining reasons. As a youngster going to school in racially-divided Farmville, Virginia, I turned to words and photos to expose what I […]