Got something to say? Let’s talk (face to face)

My mother gave me an old Smith Corona typewriter and some basic instruction on “touch typing” when I was 10 and I was soon pecking away. When I starting turning in assignments in school on typewritten pages some of my teachers starting asking if my mother was taking my handwritten notes and retyping them. In […]

The misinformation cow path

Unlike former Vice President, and unsuccessful Presidential candidate, Al Gore, who once claimed he “created the Internet,” I actually had a hand — albeit a small one — in the creation of the online phenomenon. In the 1980s, as the “Special Assistant to the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Science and Technology,” I […]

Bye, bye Facebook, hello face-to-face

Decided over the Fourth of July weekend to reduce involvement in so-called, and misnamed, “social media” on the Internet.

Social media, especially the online farce called Facebook, is an online sewer, a gathering ground for misfits, the angry and perpetrators of hate, bias and disrespect.

Group think on Facebook

Call it group think.  New groups focused on Floyd are spouting up like weeds on Facebook. Floyd Group started some time ago and is run by moderator Nicole Cooley. The group has rules on behavior and takes action against those who violate the rules. Some of those banished from Group 1 started “Floyd Group 2” […]

A convicted felon named Vick returns to Virginia Tech

Former Virginia Tech quarterback — and convicted felon — Michael Vick returns to Virginia Tech this weekend and will sell his autograph for $25 to $30 a pop. His return is generating a lot of buzz — a lot of it unfavorable — around Blacksburg. A Facebook page was shut down after a barrage of […]