The color of fall

Enjoy it while you can. Temperatures Wednesday and Thursday are forecast in the 70s with sun, but it cools down with rain on Friday.

Storm names? It’s all Greek now to the National Weather Service

A second-straight morning of temperatures in the 30s, with a high Monday that might hit the low 60s before heading back into the 30s overnight, as Fall arrives Tuesday. If the National Weather Service forecast is correct, most of this week will be dry before showers Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Oh well. There goes the […]

The heat is on

Lots of reports from folks closing their windows (or turning off their air conditioners) and turning on their heat. Counted more than 25 posts on Facebook this morning from those who said something about having to fire up their heating system. Temperatures dipped down into the 50s last night and are expected to drop down […]