Census deadline: Mail it or get a visit

One day after Tax Day comes the drop-dead date for mailing in Census forms. Fail to mail it today and a census worker will come knocking on the door. We don’t like strangers knocking on our door, particularly those who work for the Federal Government, so we will dig the form out of the stack […]

Why all the hate?

In 2008, I sat with a group of local government officials in a Georgia city and listened to some of them predict that if Barack Obama won the Presidential election, he would be assassinated before ever taking office. “There’s no way the racists and extreme right-wing will let him serve a day as President,” said […]

Kill a cop for Christ

Once again, a group that hates America and embraces religion to justify that hate wants to kill Americans and destroy our way of life. No, we’re not talking about Islam-spouting Arabs who hide in caves and plot atrocities. This is yet another home-grown, American-born-and-bred gaggle of hatemongers who wave the Bible and invoke the name […]