The John Cowan Band

No Jamboree this week because it fell on Christmas day so we are offering this video clip of The John Cowan Band’s appearance at The Floyd Country Store last Saturday night.

Fun on the dance floor

Still captures of video shot at the Friday Night Jamboree this past week show a lot of enthusiasm and, perhaps, some love as well. On Friday nights, the music is good and so is the dancing but often the crowd is the show.  

Music on a wet Friday Night

Amid the predictions of doom and gloom that surrounded Floyd County and Southwestern Virginia this weekend, life went on nonetheless for standards like The Friday Night Jamboree in downtown Floyd.

Friday Night Street Music

The arrival of warm weather in the Blue Ridge Mountain community of Floyd, Virginia, brings out musicians on the streets on a Friday night.

Street Music

Reasonably warm weather arrived in Floyd on Friday night and music on the streets appeared as well. Musicians gathered around Friday Night Jamboree regular and icon Clyde Williams to jam in the alleyway…