A full moon and Happy Thanksgiving

A bright Autumn full moon arrived along with Thanksgiving this year, giving us a glow from the heavens to help us appreciate what we have and thank others for what they do. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Blue Ridge Muse…well the two of us…and our thanks for being part of the incredible life […]

OK, so it wasn’t blue

The “Blue Moon” that appeared over Floyd County, the Old Dominion, the country and the world was not very blue but at least it was something to see.

An April Spring moon

The Spring full moon hanging over Southwestern Virginia this weekend. On a clear night, shooting a full moon shot is easy with today’s digital cameras and good lenses. Shot with a Canon EOS-1DX with a 400mm f/2.8 telephoto lens from the Rocky Knob overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The moon was bright enough to […]

The supermoon makes a close-in appearance

Supermoons are something to see as they venture closest to Earth than at other times during the year. July’s supermoon was no exception. Photos and a video tribute to “A Bad Moon on the Rise.”

April moon

The moon rose brilliantly over the horizon Friday night, castling a long light on the landscape. Captured with a Canon 5D, MK II and a 400mm f:2.8 Canon USM telephoto lens. Photo taken from Poor Farm Road in Floyd County, Virginia on Friday, April 6, 2012.