George Allen:racist enough for the tea party but too moderate otherwise

George Allen, the former Virginia Senator of macaca fame and a heavily racist past, wants back in the Senate. And he extremists and tea partiers who now the see the Republican Party as their personal playground after the 2010 mid-term election victories, want a Republican back in the Senate. There’s just one problem: The Republican […]

Bob McDonnell: The Klan's governor

Gov. Bob McDonnell, playing to his mostly-white, Conservative base, restored Confederate History Month to Virginia’s Hall of Shame recently, reversing an eight-year trend of relegating the history of the ill-fated Confederacy to its well-deserved place in the dustbin of historical mistakes. For some, dedicating a month to remembering the Confederacy is akin to declaring a […]

Another national embarrassment for Virginia

Virgil Goode and George Allen may be distant, bitter memories in the minds of most progressive Virginians but Ken Cuccinelli, the Commonwealth’s homophobic attorney general, stepped up late last week to remind us that cretins still exist in our government. Cucinelli sent out a letter to state colleges and universities telling them to ignore discrimination […]