Low times at high tech

Microsoft is dumping 7,800 workers from its payroll, a significant number of layoffs but not as drastic as the 18,000 jobs slashed last year.

That comes to over 25,000 getting pink slips at the company that used to define high tech in America.

Major players in the high tech field come and go. Yahoo was the big boy for a while. The company once bragged that it was capitalized more than General Motors. Now, it doesn’t even rank in the top 10.

Bye bye Blackberry bye bye

After a decade of addiction and dependence on a Blackberry (AKA “Crackberry”), I have broken free of my habit and dumped the phone-cum-email device. For 11 years, I have carried a Blackberry and become dependent on its instant email delivery and ability to communicate from all parts of the globe. No more. It have broken […]