DT, drone home

That “something” you might see up in the air over Floyd County is not a UFO. It’s a photo and video drone that we have added to our arsenal for new angles of shooting. The DJI Phantom is a “quadcoper” a four rotor unmanned done that carries a GoPro video camera into the air for […]

Friday Night at you-know-where

Friday night at the Jamboree, shooting more footage of the signature tunes that define the area.

Also a Friday night to try out a new GoPro Hero 4 action camera, the latest version of the small model that is used so much by surfers, skiers and others. It took a while to get a working model. This was unit number three, which arrived via FedEx from the company Friday afternoon after two earlier cameras failed.

Tempus fugit

Time lapse of the setup for the Friday Night Jamboree.  Shot just for fun.

A GoPro view of things

Of all the tools in my video equipment bag, the tiny GoPro HD Hero is the most fun to use. The small videocam is a single-function, deep-focus, extreme wide-angle device that I can mount of my motorcycle handlebars or stick in some inconspicuous place to shoot incredible high definition video.  It’s not fancy, or expensive, […]