Videos of GOP candidates for Sheriff

The two Republican candidates for Sheriff of Floyd County, Virginia, faced a candidate’s forum produced by the local Tea Party. Their opening statements are presented here.

Taxing times that are worth it in Floyd County

My story in today’s Floyd Press reports on the County Board of Supervisors approving the five-cent increase in property tax to help fund a $34 million budget for fiscal 2016, which starts on July 1. The approval comes with the first-ever vote on a tax increase by Indian Valley Supervisor Fred Gerald, who noted that […]

‘Disgust’ and ‘disappointment’

Most Floyd County Supervisors claim they hear lots of support from constituents over their hardline stand against increasing funding of the school system and determination to hold the line on taxes to pay for increases. But the majority of speakers that come before both the Supervisors and the county school board say otherwise. Twelve of […]

A public battle with no winners

A word used often in the ongoing public debate over the budget crisis facing Floyd County is “unreasonable.” Those who support the school board’s push to obtain up to $2.2 million in funds for the coming fiscal year say the board of supervisors is “unreasonable” to expect the education system to exist on funds that […]

Six-year road plan public hearing

A short video of the six year road plan by the Virginia Department of Transportation for secondary roads in Floyd County.  Originally prepared for the Floyd Press.