Questionable Mabry Mill gun ban

Found a new sign quoting federal law, Title 18, Section 930, warning that anyone carrying a firearm into Mabry Mill faces arrest and up to five years in jail. Title 18, Section 930, prohibits carrying or have knowledge of someone else carrying a firearm into federal facilities or federal courts. In a National Park Service […]

Deal saves gun-reciprocity agreements

Looks like I can keep packing my Glock 17 on motorcycle rides or other trips to places like North Carolina and West Virginia. Attorney General Mark Herring’s controversial action revoking reciprocity agreements on concealed carry with 25 states was scrapped by a bi-partisan deal that will expand record checks in gun shows and take weapons […]

Live by the gun, die by the gun

President Barack Obama is issuing a set of “executive orders” aimed at forcing many individual sellers at gun shows and the like to be licensed and put their buyers through a criminal gun check system.

And Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe unilaterally canceled carry reciprocal agreements between the Old Dominion and 30 states.

Yep, the political types are up in arms over, well, arms.

Is it OK to selectively break the law?

When U.S. Federal Judge David L. Bunning sent Kim Davis, the County Clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky, to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, it sparked a nationwide debate on television, in political circles and on social media. Religious zealots claim Davis, a relatively recent “born again” Christian, is simply following […]