A slower than expected recovery from a badly-sprained ankle and bruised left leg delayed updates to Blue Ridge Muse in recent days. I did manage to get through coverage of Circuit Court and the Board of Supervisors for The Floyd Press on Tuesday but am now on a “take it easy” and keep off my […]

Remembering Joshua Cantrell

Music, hayrides, watermelon eating contests and games spotlighted the High Noon celebration for Joshua’s Hope Sunday and the event missed most of the weather until late in the day when fog and rain moved into the area. The education charity remembers young Joshua Cantrell, the son and grandson of Travis and Alan Cantrell, sports legends […]

Dealing with death

Too many funerals recently — more than a dozen in recent weeks. Every single one of them for a younger friend.  It’s a jolt to your sense of mortality when you keep burying those who died at a younger age. Some died from injuries from accidents in cars, on motorcycles or other mishaps but most […]

We ain't going anywhere.

“So sorry to hear you’re shutting down Blue Ridge Muse,” The lady said the other morning at Blue Ridge Restaurant. “We will miss it.” Whoa. Stop the presses. Hold up a stop sign.  I’m doing what? “I heard at a meeting the other day that you are shutting down Blue Ridge Muse and giving up […]