Hot weather, humid, thunderstorms

One word for the weather over the next 10 days: ┬áHot. Make that two words: Hot and stormy. Temperatures in the high 80s and 90s with humidity well over 50 percent. Add thunderstorms to the mix and the outlook for the next two weeks and through the rest of July is not pretty. To make […]

We’re having a heat wave…

Can Spring Fever start in January?

With this fluctuation of temperatures and forecasts, it could.

The Roanoke/Blacksburg National Weather Service forecast for Wednesday says sun and a high of 64 degrees for Floyd. Roanoke expects 67.

Too damn hot

Yeah, it’s hot. Too hot. Hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk…or a car hood…or just about any other surface. Too hot to cut grass. Too hot to to play golf. Too hot to run, walk or participate in outdoor sports. Too hot to think. Too hot to write. Catch you later…when it’s […]

Hot, hot, hot

If the talking heads who attempt — and often fail — to accurately forecast the ever-changing weather around here are right we’re in for triple-digit heat by the weekend. Figures. Dire predictions of hot, hot and more hot dominate all of the forecasts for Southwestern Virginia. Starting Thursday, I’m headed for FloydFest and, with luck, […]