Can a community survive without high school sports?

As infections, hospitalizations and deaths begin to rise once again in the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 200,000 Americas and a million plus worldwide, a return to normal in everyday lives continues to fade.

All arms and legs

Wrestling, delayed because of the snow earlier in the week, brought Auburn and Pulaski County to Floyd County High School for a three-way match in the old gym Thursday evening. The rescheduled game faced more delay after it took an hour after the 6 p.m. planned start for a referee to appear and get the […]

High school sports return after the storm

Students of Floyd County Schools remain home from classes Wednesday as hazardous conditions remain on a number of back and side roads but sports return in the evening while rain and warmer temperatures should ease most of the problems and give the area to a glimpse of normality by Thursday. Boys basketball games against Giles, […]

Girls win, boys lose in Martinsville match-up

Martinsville came to Floyd Friday night to show why the boys varsity team is the defending state champions and they gave a display of three-point power for a 75-38 thumping but the Lady Buffaloes put on their own display of championship-caliber basketball, downing the Henry County visitors 59-48 in the girls nightcap. Ragan Wiseman put […]