A full moon and Happy Thanksgiving

A bright Autumn full moon arrived along with Thanksgiving this year, giving us a glow from the heavens to help us appreciate what we have and thank others for what they do. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Blue Ridge Muse…well the two of us…and our thanks for being part of the incredible life […]

Labor Day, election signs & election

It’s Labor Day, a supposed holiday, except for those who work in retail in one of the busiest days of the year. It’s Labor Day, the day when those who work in many jobs and professions must be on the job to make sure others can have the day off. And it’s Labor Day, the […]

It’s Labor Day Weekend: Have fun!

Labor Day Weekend 2015 is upon is, the proclaimed last gasp of summer. Floyd County High School students felt the heat of summer in school Friday and officials sent them home early.  More heat is expected Friday and into the weekend, along with the possibility of thunderstorms. But the weekend brings music, arts, flea markets, […]

Out with the old…Thank God

For the most part, Amy and I will not be sad to see 2010 depart us. This has been one hell of a year: my mother’s declining health, broken hip and eventual move to an assisted living facility; the discovery that I have been walking around for 35 years with a degenerating spinal cord that […]

End of the year musings

2010 will not be a year missed in the Thompson household. From the frigid, paralyzing winter that began the year in January to the paralyzing back problems that leave me pretty much mobilized here at year’s end — both have been bookends to several months of declining health that means my mother may or may […]