Yes, we’re still frozen, but…

We’re just three days away from the calendar end of winter and the last three days have felt more like the frigid season than at any other time of a warmer than the normal cold season. The temperature outside sits at 20 outside our house and the wind chill puts it at seven degrees — […]

Serious wind chill, 2-hour delay for school

Floyd County public schools — closed Tuesday because of the snowfall and ice from the storm that fell short of expectations but still left the area frozen, windy and cold — will start with a two hour delay Wednesday as plummeting temperatures overnight is expected to leave the area frozen with wind gusts in the […]

We only have ice for you

Floyd County woke up Tuesday morning to temperatures in the low to mid 20s and a “Winter Weather Advisory” in effect until noon with the potential for freezing drizzle, frozen fog and the danger of black ice. “Untreated roads and surfaces will become coated with a sheet of ice making travel very hazardous,” The National […]

Slick roads, closed schools

In what one might expect on a day the Irish “honor” the name of a non-existent “saint,” March 17th dawns to a storm that wasn’t — yet. The Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by drinking themselves into oblivion, which itself raises question because the Irish seldom need an excuse to drink and party. Like the […]