Helping hands

Anyone who knows me is well aware I that I am not what one calls a “people person.” A former girlfriend once told me that I could “be alone in a crowded room.” So I’m more than overwhelmed by the response by people who have offered help, expressed sympathy and stepped up to assist during […]

Friday the 13th

Three of our six cats are black so it would be easy to conclude that we’re not superstitious or worried about Friday the 13th. Yeah, right. The Vancouver Sun reports that cat poop can cause schizophrenia in humans. When you have six cats, cat poop is a fact of life. Message to Amy: I’m not […]

The art of snow

Snow adds its own perspective to the landscape and transforms even mundane, everyday machines into a work of winterland art. The transformation of my Jeep Wrangler from utilitarian daily driver into a work of snow art by Friday night’s snow storm almost made me want to leave it undisturbed Saturday but I needed the Jeep […]