Home may be where jobs are found

So much for living in the country. Top tech workers and young professionals want the hustle and bustle of the major metro areas and companies are leaving small towns to go to where the workers are¬†found. Writes Jonathan O’Connell in Sunday’s Washington Post: Leafy environs are considered a liability. Locked in a battle with companies […]

An unemployed press cannot do its job

Sadness and time for reflection this weekend.¬† Two more of my longtime friends lost their jobs in newspapers. Both came to work at their papers Friday morning to computer-generated notices telling them to turn in their photo equipment and ID cards at the end of the day and take any personal belongings home when they […]

Jobs, dollars promised by pipeline partners

The partners for the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline that was originally scheduled to run through Floyd County but shifted to nearby Roanoke County claims millions of dollars in tax and other economic benefits along with thousands of jobs. The pipeline would run from a fracking operation in West Virginia through Giles, Montgomery, Roanoke, Franklin and […]