Journalist? Hell no, I’m a newspaperman

An email from a reader in Chicago — the city where hard-nosed, hard-headed and hard-drinking newspapermen pounded their typewriters and defined a hell-raising style of our profession that is now all but long-gone — wanted to know why I refer to myself as a “newspaperman” and not a “journalist.” The late and legendary newspaper columnist […]

Don’t like ‘the media?’ That’s your problem

Randy Hallman, a friend from high school days and son of the the couple who guided me into a career as a newspaperman, has long reported for The Richmond Times-Dispatch and was also an acknowledged sportswriter who covered NASCAR in its formative days. Like many of us who love our profession and has watched it […]

An unemployed press cannot do its job

Sadness and time for reflection this weekend.  Two more of my longtime friends lost their jobs in newspapers. Both came to work at their papers Friday morning to computer-generated notices telling them to turn in their photo equipment and ID cards at the end of the day and take any personal belongings home when they […]

Remembering to live and let live

Live and let live. That simple statement has long defined life in Floyd County, Virginia. And it may be a way of life that is also, more than ever, under attack. Floyd is a haven of free thinkers, those who defy limits on free speech and those who encourage independence of thought. It is a […]

Nightmares of Larry Joe Adams

Two years ago, while undergoing therapy to recover from a motorcycle accident that kept me in a coma for much of November 2012, my occupational therapist asked me about dreams. My response: “What dreams?”  I told her that I was not dreaming. “No dreams? Are you sure?  You should be having some dreams,” she answered. […]