Oh oh, the rabid right is angry with Bob McDonnell

The rabid right wing of the Republican party saw Bob McDonnell’s election as a road to the past, restoring the shameful and restrictive policies of the Old South to the Old Dominion. Now they’re not so sure. “He clearly cannot be trusted,” Joe Glover, a Republican activist who lives near Lynchburg and heads the Family […]

Ken Cuccinelli's anti-boob campaign

Virginia’s latest national embarassment — attorney general Ken Cuccinelli — is at it again. Now he wants to cover up a bare breast on the Virginia State seal. Cuccinelli recently distributed new lapel pins to his staff with the breast-baring tunic worn by Roman goddess Virtus replaced with an armored breastplate that covers her charms. […]

Not a proud time to be a Virginian

For the most part I’ve been proud of my Virginia heritage. The Old Dominion is rich in history and tradition. But when a racist lives in the governor’s mansion and a homophobic attorney general serves as the top law enforcement officer in the Commonwealth, it’s hard to remain proud. Gov. Bob McDonnell’s vapid “apology” Wednesday […]

With Ken Cuccinelli, April Fool's is no joke

The problem with doing an April Fool’s joke on Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is that it’s impossible to come up with anything fictitious that is more outrageous than what he will do in real life. The AG whose antics have gone so far off the reservation that even uber-right-wing Gov. Bob McDonnell has had […]

Another national embarrassment for Virginia

Virgil Goode and George Allen may be distant, bitter memories in the minds of most progressive Virginians but Ken Cuccinelli, the Commonwealth’s homophobic attorney general, stepped up late last week to remind us that cretins still exist in our government. Cucinelli sent out a letter to state colleges and universities telling them to ignore discrimination […]