Looking at horsepower and colorful vintage vehicles

A Cruise-In car show at Wildwood Farms added to events for places to go and visit on this Labor Day Weekend. Most of the photos were shot for The Floyd Press for the paper’s next edition so editor Ashley Spinks has first call on the photos. Monday is the final day of the three-day holiday […]

Labor Day, election signs & election

It’s Labor Day, a supposed holiday, except for those who work in retail in one of the busiest days of the year. It’s Labor Day, the day when those who work in many jobs and professions must be on the job to make sure others can have the day off. And it’s Labor Day, the […]

It’s Labor Day Weekend: Have fun!

Labor Day Weekend 2015 is upon is, the proclaimed last gasp of summer. Floyd County High School students felt the heat of summer in school Friday and officials sent them home early.  More heat is expected Friday and into the weekend, along with the possibility of thunderstorms. But the weekend brings music, arts, flea markets, […]

Labor Day? Just another work day

Is Labor Day just another work day or really a holiday? That depends. For banks, government workers (local, state and federal) and many corporate offices, the first Monday of September is a day to relax, fire up the grill and hit the water. But for many others, it’s just another day at work. Retail offices, […]

Dancing the night away

Dancers, young and old, flock to the Friday Night Jamboree at the Floyd Country Store and provide lots of photographic and video opportunities. Labor Day weekend provides an interesting mixture of those who grove to Bluegrass and traditional music and have a good time.