Goodbye to Terpenny

Floyd Town Manager Lance Terpenny is retiring from his job at the end of the year and the Town Council hosted a going away party Thursday evening after the final council meeting of the month and year. Terpenny, who took over the town manager position after a long tenure in the same position in Christiansburg, […]

Terpenny leaving Floyd

Lance Terpenny, the long-haired, bearded Harley Davidson-riding part-time town manager who came to Floyd after Christiansburg sacked him four years ago, is leaving the job at the end of the year. Terpenny left Christiansburg after a messy fight with the town council there following 14 years as town manager and seven before that as assistant. […]

Floyd Town Manager position now a part-time job

After a few weeks on the job, new Floyd Town manager Lance Terpenny confirmed what many have suspected: A town of 435 people doesn’t need a full-time manager. So the Town Council Thursday night — on Terpenny’s recommendation — cut his hours, salary and benefits by one-fifth and made the town manager position a part-time […]

Lance Terpenny is a good fit for Floyd

Floyd Mayor Will Griffin calls new town manager Lance Terpenny a “perfect fit” for Floyd. After spending more than three hours with Terpenny Thursday, talking about motorcycles, small town politics and several other things, I’m inclined to think Griffin is right. It’s clear that the 55-year-old Terpenny, who brings more than 20 years of municipal […]

The Floyd County motorcycle mafia

Lance Terpenny’s controversial move to the Floyd Town Manager’s job after his ouster from a similar post in Christiansburg adds another player to the county’s growing motorcycle mafia — an increasing group of government officials, business leaders and other prominent citizens who ride. Terpenny not only owns three Harley-Davidsons (two customized Softails and a restored […]