More laws in Floyd County. Why?

Floyd County does not have a law requiring owners of pets to be on a leash when out in public. ¬†Dogs, in particular, are free to run where they want, bark whenever the mood strikes, and galavant throughout the county. It’s been more than a decade since consideration of a proposed leash law in Floyd […]

Is it OK to selectively break the law?

When U.S. Federal Judge David L. Bunning sent Kim Davis, the County Clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky, to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, it sparked a nationwide debate on television, in political circles and on social media. Religious zealots claim Davis, a relatively recent “born again” Christian, is simply following […]

School Superintendent Arbogast ignores traffic laws too

Outgoing Floyd County School Superintendent Terry E. Arbogast got into hot water this year for playing fast and loose with the rules when it came to his rapidly escalating salary and his reluctance to come clean about why he kept the truth about his actual pay under wraps. Now it turns out he has a […]

Where there's no smoke, there's still ire

Starting today, one question you will no longer hear when walking into most restaurants in the Old Dominion is “smoking or non-smoking?” A smoking ban in restaurants and bars takes effect in Virginia today and those who must puff while they smoke or drink must go outside, sit in an outside dining area and find […]