Questionable Mabry Mill gun ban

Found a new sign quoting federal law, Title 18, Section 930, warning that anyone carrying a firearm into Mabry Mill faces arrest and up to five years in jail. Title 18, Section 930, prohibits carrying or have knowledge of someone else carrying a firearm into federal facilities or federal courts. In a National Park Service […]

Tourism: Old as the hills around here

Interestingly, and sometimes controversially, tourism and the attention of traveling visitors are issues treated as things recent for Floyd County and the environs of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia. But tourism, as an active part of the county, goes back to well before the turn of the current century and can be found […]

Mabry Mill open & ready for summer

Mabry Mill, the iconic stop that is also the most-photographed location on the Blue Ridge Parkway, is open for another season with a newly-repaired wheel on the trademark mill, a new vendor operating the restaurant for the decade and newly-renovated grounds for the various arts and crafts displays. Motorcycle, cars and vans filled the parking […]

Down by the old Mabry Mill stream

Looks like repairs to the water wheel for Mabry Mill did not require removing the iconic item from the structure and shipping it off to North Carolina after all. Instead, the wheel, sporting new parts, remains in place as work continues on one of the Blue Ridge Parkway’s most popular tourists spots as both the […]

Mabry Mill restoration

Mabry Mill begins a “major restoration project” Monday that closes the section of Blue Ridge Parkway in front of the attraction and reroutes traffic behind the historic structure. The National Park Service says the mill will undergo a series of repairs that will “restore much of the site’s historical integrity.”  Part of the project involves […]