Too young for marriage or sex

Sherry Johnson, age 11, found herself pregnant after rapes by a minister and a 20-year-old member of her church. “I guess you’re just going to get married,” Johnson’s mother told her. In Florida, it is legal for an 11-year-old to get married as long as a parent and/or judge approves.  In fact, an eight year […]

Happy Anniversary My Love

Nobody really gave us a chance: The once-married, hard-living and even harder-drinking newspaperman and the young actress who made a name for herself as the resident heroine on the Goldenrod Showboat in St. Louis. When they started dating, the skeptics said he was just after another conquest and she was…well..nobody was really sure what she […]

Thirty years

Thirty years. Three decades. Three hundred and sixty months.  One thousand, five hundred and sixty weeks or 10,957 days. Nobody expected it to last, this union of a hard-drinking, hard-living newspaperman and an actress from St. Louis — both wary from failed first marriages. Some people describe their marriage as a melodrama. Amy and I […]