When a tornado strikes

To fully understand the wrath of one of Mother Nature‘s tornadoes, you need to walk along South Jefferson Street in Pulaski and look at the carnage left by the F2 twister that struck the town 10 days ago on April 8. Twisted metal, destroyed homes and shattered lives line the street and the storm left […]

Better weather coming?

If you can believe the talking heads who claim to be “meteorologists” on television, we’re headed for a warming trend where snow and ice will melt, draits will disappear and mud will replace slush when rain moves into the area over the weekend. But believing that depends on accepting the concept that these folks with […]

Past time to rain on our parade

Dark, ominous clouds loomed on the horizon Monday night as I rode my Harley out of Roanoke and headed home after a long day. Then the lightning started. I stepped up my pace. This looked like a storm that I needed to beat home. Even with what appeared to be an approaching storm, the rapidly-falling […]