Warnings ignored before murder of student?

Kari Cook says she told a school official about an Nicole Lovell’s “inappropriate relationship with an adult man” weeks before the 13-year-old was abducted and murdered.

When danger lurks online

The murder of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell of Blacksburg is a harsh reminder of the dangers posed to the young online. She was a child who faced bullying at school because of her pudginess and scars from surgeries.  She found a fantasy, danger and death in an Internet world where predators swarm. Her online fantasies also […]

Violence & murder from Virginia Tech?

Too much bad news locally as the first month of 2016 winds down. A day after the missing teenager from Blacksburg was found dead just over the North Carolina line in Surry County, two Virginia Tech students are in jail — an 18-year-old freshman and a 19-year-old sophomore, both from Maryland. Violent crime seems to […]